but leave my wretched soul alone

I have been quiet here lately, mulling over some things and working so much it’s a wonder I get anything else done. I know all this work is taking a toll on me; I go to bed exhausted and wake up just as fatigued. No matter how much I sleep, it only seems to be enough to hold my place, making no dent in my sleep deficit. I remember in high school, I could get by on 4-5 hours of sleep; this is true no longer. I miss that, though, and what it allowed me to do. I miss reading until 2 in the morning, getting up at 6 a.m. and going all day with no adverse effects. Oh well; I’m neither as young or as healthy as I was then. The price I pay for staying up a few extra minutes, now, is much higher than it was then.

I was finally forced to tell those at my day job that I can’t work as hard or as long or do as much stuff as I have been. The Big Boss now treats me as though I have leprosy, even though this isn’t contagious. The little boss has backed off a bit, but we’ll see for how long. I have as of yet not had to disclose anything to those at my other job. I think it’s because I enjoy it more, and so it doesn’t wear on me the way this one does. Only speculation, though. It may just be I don’t want to tell more people in my real life than I have to.

But I have been thinking, mulling something over, like I noted earlier. There has to be a way for me to get involved, to raise awareness and, yes, money for research. I don’t know, though. But it’s something I’m keeping in mind, whenever I have a spare moment or two


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