yes, but…

Thanks, Twitter, for allowing me to stumble upon this lovely gem by Christine Miserandino.

I am fighting against some of this myself. One of my bosses wants me to do something I have been expressly, well, not forbidden, but strongly advised (by medical personnel) not too do. Apparently, when the boss feels too busy, what’s best for my health is no longer a priority. I feel like I have to remind the boss that I may not look it, but I have a chronic condition. My health is more important than a silly company preference that the boss could just as easily procure.

As always, my goal is to feel well enough again to wear heels for an entire day, all day, all week. I haven’t been able to to that for awhile, and my NP always notices when I show up wearing flats. I’d love to be able to surprise her by strutting in in heels one day. I’m not there yet, but I’m hoping I’ll get there.

We’ll see.


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