mini vacation

I had slacked off recently from reading my “chronique” blogs, the blogs I read when I need to feel like I’m not going through this alone or when I need a bit of grace or humour to get through what is now my reality. I’m bummed that I hadn’t discovered this blog before, “Everything Changes,” about a woman with cancer. Still, I’m glad I found it now.

In a recent post, an upcoming trip to San Fransisco reminds her of times she’s been too sick or poor to travel.

Lucky me that my husband has a kagillion frequent flier miles from work. We’ll be spending time in a cabin stowed away by a fire, napping a ton, and reading to our heart’s content. But I haven’t always been this lucky. There have been many times when I’ve been too sick to travel or could not afford it.  Instead of the luxury of travel, I’d get crafty spending moments around my house or my city that felt like vacations.

Some of the things she liked to do was read (me too!), visit a special coffee shop and sit in a greenhouse. It got me thinking. I’ve been jonesing for a vacation for some time now; I haven’t had one since my honeymoon, really, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be lucky to go on one anytime soon.

That was really bumming me out, but this blog altered my perspective a bit. I mean, I like in a university town surrounded by culture, great parks and amazing coffee shops. Why couldn’t I do some of these things myself? Why couldn’t I figure out something to do that feels like a vacation, but isn’t as taxing or as expensive?

I’ve been to the Morehead Planetarium, but not to look at any of the amazing things they have there. I’d love to stroll around it inside, and maybe even catch one of the stargazing shows. I’ve yet to hit up the Ackland Art Museum, but I would love to go there and just look at all the beauty it contains. The Coker Arboretum is a great place to get back in touch with nature, as are the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Tim and I love to go take pictures at Duke Gardens, but it would be fun, too, to take pictures somewhere we could take the bus to, somewhere that much closer to home.

There are several other places I’d love to go — for instance, caffe Driade and I love, love, love Open Eye Cafe — so there is so much to do around here. Maybe we should approach our town like tourists, and see what we can find here that makes us love it even more.


One thought on “mini vacation

  1. Thanks for sharing the blog. I’m going to check it out. I’ve been exploring Salisbury like a tourist and I must admit it’s really fun. I’ve been hopping around downtown taking pictures while people stare at me like I’m nuts. I love it =) I was just thinking about how I never really embraced Kinston and took the time to get to know the town, I’m not going to make that mistake here. Hope you have fun in your adventures!

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