office space

It’s kind of funny how different offices (and, in my  case, I used this term loosely) can be.

At TFP, the reporters were all corralled into a cubical pen, sharing desk space, with each reporters desk sitting in or near a corner. There wasn’t a lot of wall space to hang things, so each person’s desk looked more or less the same.

Here, it’s basically one big open room. Editorial is divided using cubical walls. There’s lots of wall space, and my desk is my own. I’ve got a couple of filing cabinets that  do wonders for keeping me organized. Want to see a school board agenda packet from March 2009? Why, yes, let me pull that out for you.

I’ve also been able to put up tons of decorations. I’ve got a map of the town I work in, maps of the school district, a poem written by a student I talked to, cards given to me by people at TFP when I left, a picture of the Hubs and I, a Pocket Disc, a miniature of the Old Courthouse, clippings of articles that inspire me, writing and copy editing tips and tons more. I’ve even got a vase with a clipping from the azalea bush outside.

I guess what I’m trying to say is my office feels like me. That’s kind of cool, if you think about it.


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