half-naked ladies

NPR’s Monkey See blog ran an interesting post about the Lane Bryant/Fox/ABC drama. If you haven’t heard (and if so, where have you been? I don’t even watch TV and I know about this!), Lane Bryant wanted to run a lingerie ad during “Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol.” Fox, according to Lane Bryant, refused to run it, while ABC would only run it at the end of “Dancing.”

If you haven’t seen the ad, take a look at the Monkey See post. In all honesty, it’s far tamer than most Victoria’s Secret ads I’ve seen — and definitely tamer than some of the outfits worn by ladies on “Dancing With the Stars.” So, clearly that can’t be the reason behind it.

Maybe Fox and ABC don’t want to run the ad because the gorgeous model is, ahem, “full figured.” She certainly isn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination, but you can’t count her ribs and she’s got a hell of a rack stacked on top of some bodacious curves.

If that’s the case, Fox and ABC need to grow up and grow a pair. Despite some of the comments on the Monkey See post about “real women,” women come in all shapes and sizes. Why not celebrate it?

But while we’re on the topic of “real women,” that phrase count not annoy me more. *All* women are “real women.” Having curves makes you no more real than someone who is stick skinny. We all deal with the body we were given — some accept it, some hit the gym and some turn to plastic surgery. All of us are still women, regardless. Why should we pit different body types against the other? Isn’t it time, finally, at last, for women to wake up and support one another, instead of trying to see who can put the others down the hardest or the fastest?


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