happy list

Because it’s Tuesday — the worst day of the week — I thought I would pull a rockstar diaries and post a happy list. Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive, but sometimes it helps to think of things that make me happy. Especially on a Tuesday.

  1. doing absolutely anything with my husband.
  2. getting that perfect shot.
  3. re-reading a favourite book — again.
  4. Italian soda from the local coffee shop.
  5. that first day of spring after winter, when it’s finally warm enough to shed that heavy coat.
  6. anything green.
  7. snugging with my furbabies, Remy and Otis.
  8. butterflies.
  9. listening to thunderstorms as we fall asleep.
  10. hot apple cider on a cold day

What’s your happy list?