the yellow dart

So, I had my first foray into the wilds of methotrexate injection tonight.

When I asked my pharmacist how to go about doing it, she said she wasn’t sure. Apparently, she decided to call a friend who worked at some clinic, and she said to just inject a dose’s worth of air into the bottle and then go about my business.

Since those directions were less than stellar, I turned to the internet for help and came up with the Canadian Rheumatological Association‘s methotrexate injection sheet. That was more helpful.

So, I followed the instructions: I washed my hands with soap and warm water. I cleaned the area I was going to inject (my thigh, in case you were wondering). I injected half the dose’s worth of air into the vial. I pulled out the dose — which, incidentally, I’ve decided to nickname The Yellow Dart, since metho is yellow and the CRA kept referring to the syringe as a dart.

As usual, I had to make a few practice runs before jabbing the needle into my subcutaneous layer. This comes from when I injected Humira, which hurt like crazy. This was before they had the auto-injector pens (which I used for Enbrel and prefer), and it was always a dramatic affair for me to inject it.

Anyway, once I got through that, The Yellow Dart didn’t sting anywhere near as much as Humira or Enbrel. It doesn’t look like I’ve got any site reaction, which was immediate with the biologics. We’ll see how it goes, though. I’m hoping the horrific, gaping mouth ulcers don’t make a reappearance and that I don’t get any of the nasty side effects. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

7 thoughts on “the yellow dart


    When I started on the methotrexate injections, I had to have a nurse come to my house once a week for MONTHS before I was brave enough to do it on myself (and even then I sometimes had to spend ten minutes sitting there with the ‘dart’ and psyching myself up to do it).

    Sending lots of minimal-side-effect wishes your way 🙂

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