to brighten your day

My cat, Remy, has hit upon a new game she likes to play. After we shut her up in the office for the night (since she has a rather unhealthy tendency to chew on wires) but before we head into our room to go to sleep, she’ll stick her tail out under the door in the hopes that one of us (OK, me) will try to grab at it. When we (I) do, her little paws will shoot out and try to play with our hands.

It’s quite adorable, actually.

So, the other day, I decided to set my camera down while she was doing it, and this is the result. It certainly brightened my evening when I saw it. Hopefully, it will do the same for you.


4 thoughts on “to brighten your day

  1. After Hubby and I moved in together we had a guest bath with enough space beneath the door for kitty paws. It wasn’t unusual to have an unsuspecting guest let out a shriek when someone wanted to play while the bathroom was occupied. I am a bit sad that out current doors are too low to play bat-a-paw. ❤

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