Do cortisone shots actually make things worse? –

Do cortisone shots actually make things worse? –

Since I have tendonitis, it came as something of a shock to find out that cortisone shots might not be a good idea and, in fact, might make things worse. Say what?

I’m certainly willing to wait and put in the work if it means I’m less likely to be back at square one in six months. It’s a lesson we Chronic Babes learn quickly: There is no magic pill that will make everything better.

Oh, and another one: Watch out for side effects.


2 thoughts on “Do cortisone shots actually make things worse? –

  1. I don’t have tendonitis, but do have RA and bursitis, and they use steroid injections for those, too. I was a bit frustrated by this article, as it seemed to only deal with the drug’s use in tendonitis. I must admit, however, that I’ve heard good and bad about how well it works for other conditions.

    As you say, most of us just have to face up to the fact that we will never be cured. There are no miracles. Still… it’s OK to hope for them.

    Happy Hallowe’en, Nessie. Have a good day (hopefully pain-free) and a fun, spooky evening!

  2. Hmm- I’d like to find out more. I can see using cortisone shots for injury treatment as possibly being a poor choice in the long run- if the pain goes away, they won’t care for the injury and allow it to heal properly. I have used cortisone injections twice to manage serious pain associated with RA and have mixed feelings about it (I have read some fo the studies they mention)- it does help for about two weeks and then tapers off. I would much rather find a longer-term way to lower my inflammation and we’re trying a lot of other approaches- the injections are pretty much a last-ditch attempt when things are Very Bad.

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