mea culpa

OK, guys. I can admit it: Of late, I have been a bad blogger.

Seriously, it’s a week into November, and no posts? This is not good.

So, a promise: A return of the 30-day experiment (part the third) and a tie in with NaBloPoMo. The premise? Easy: I will write every day for a month. And no nonsense posts either; they don’t all necessarily have to be blogging gold, but there needs to be effort involved.

I’m not really sure what happened; I’m just feeling a bit disinterested in everything. It often happens during an extended flare. Once I get to a certain point (when I have a hard time standing up straight, for example), I spend so much time worrying about what is happening to me, will I ever feel better again, is this my new normal, why can’t I wear some kick butt heels anymore (like these, for example), sometimes it can get hard to care about anything else.

I just need to snap out of this, and some mandatory blogging may be just the cure for my indifference. So, here’s to a month of blogging.

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