lighten up! it’s just fashion

I used to wear heels every single day. Seriously. Going to work? Heels. At the grocery store? Heels. Running on the treadmill? Heels. OK, maybe not on the treadmill, but you get the idea.

Now—and it’s really embarrassing to admit this, even to my fellow spoonies—I have been known to wear these: That’s right, Sketchers Shape-Ups. Comfy, they are. Stylish, they are not. (The horror.)

I understand having to change what you wear because of a chronic illness. Hell, not only have I (mostly) given up heels (for now), while I’m waiting for my likely de Quervain’s tenosynovitis to heal, buttons are difficult at best, though I have developed a method of buttoning up shirts and pants that doesn’t involve using my left thumb. (It’s probably best if you didn’t ask how. It involves tears, cursing and maneuvering my fingers in ways God never intended.)

But I don’t think ugly, dumpy, frumpy, elastic waist-banded clothes should be our only options. There are ways to look put together—even fashionable—with psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis or any other potentially debilitating disease.

For days when I don’t have the manual dexterity needed to unclasp and re-clasp a necklace, I have a few giant ones I can pop over my head. When I don’t want to fight with putting on tights, there are pants or skirts and dresses with higher boots. When buttons are a no-no, I thank God for pullover sweaters and tops.

So, seriously, ladies: Step away from the elastic waist pants. You deserve better than that. Oh, and if anyone finds a comfy pair of heels? Put me on speed dial and let me know. For real.

(As an aside, season two of Project Runway was so awesome—until Chloe won. Seriously, judges: What were you thinking?)


5 thoughts on “lighten up! it’s just fashion

  1. You may already know about this site. But this gal has RA and reviews nothing but shoes on her blog. She has reviewed some adorable shoes. Some with heels on them!
    I love heels too. I can’t find it in me to part with my collection yet. They served me well and are too awesome to let go of just yet.

  2. I wear the Sketchers ShapeUps too! The thickness or something in there makes it easier to be on my feet, especially with psoriatic arthritis affecting me there everyday.

  3. I can relate to this dilemma as I have recently cleared out my shoe collection of all the lovely shoes I can no longer wear and now look toward winter with foreboding as I will have to find new shoes ( no easy task with PsA). Sketchers don’t work for me something with the toe box area is just not right for me, Crocs are wonderful but sadly no longer “In” were they ever fashionable?

    • Hey Deanna:
      I have really narrow feet, so Crocs actually don’t work for me! It’s definitely tough to find cute, fashionable shoes that don’t hurt. (I don’t know that Crocs ever were fashionable, but they certainly were everywhere for awhile!)

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