handmade for the holidays

Where I live, buying local is a big deal. It’s something I never really thought much about before I moved out here, but it’s an idea to which I’m really attracted. Something about supporting small shops and artists just really appeals to me, instead of just buying into mass commercialism.

So, I have decided to make a pledge to myself (and I guess now all of you): Most of the gifts I give this year will either be handmade by me, bought from someone who made it his- or herself, or bought at a local store. This is actually pretty convenient for me, since my church is having its awesome alternative Christmas market this weekend.

I don’t have a lot of people to buy for, just the Professor (aka the mister), my dad and brother, the Professor’s immediate family (three people) and a few others, so it’s hopefully something I can accomplish.

There’s already a Flickr group set up for people doing the same (or a similar) thing. So, here I go!


3 thoughts on “handmade for the holidays

    • It’s true! Guys are definitely hard to make something for. In the past, I’ve made scarves or hats or mittens for the dudes in my life.

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