so, so thankful



One of the awesome things about  being a Canadian in the States is getting two Thanksgivings. One year, I’d love for the Professor and I to be able to get up to see my family in Ontario for Thanksgiving. I haven’t been up there for one since I was at university, when my grandma was still well enough to make a huge spread—with turkey and ham—and we’d eat on my grandparents’ ping-pong table covered with a giant tablecloth.


But no matter. Yesterday, the Professor, the pup and I headed over to see my folks and my younger brother. Mum doesn’t celebrate the holidays, but we had a lovely dinner together anyway, with delicious food (no turkey for me, but the Professor said it was delicious) and great company.

Today, we’re heading over to see my in-laws, and my younger sister (in-law) invited some of the girls from her team, so there will be lots of people around the table. The Professor made two pumpkin pies (I was lucky enough to awake to their delicious aroma, and I don’t even really like pumpkin pie!), and I’ll add one of my awesome salads. My mother-in-law bought a tofurkey for me, so I’ll be able to have some and some cranberry sauce. Excellent.

Overall, one theme runs throughout: I have so much for which to be thankful. I have amazing friends, incredible family, a trouble-making cat who is ridiculously sweet (and who gives a great massage), a pup who wants nothing more than to cuddle, a job, Sunday school students who are just so filled with joy (and one of whose pictures of butterflies and flowers is up on my fridge), a Christmas tree all decked out and so, so much more. I am very blessed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with joy.