getting crafty

So, as I’ve written before, I’m doing the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis tomorrow. Since the theme is (clearly) jingle bells—we’re to tie them to our shoe laces and everything—I decided to stop at Michael’s and pick up so small jingle bells and beads and make some earrings with some of the leftover chain I had from making a skeleton key necklace. Though the bells weren’t as small as I’d hoped, it still looks very festive and fun, which is the idea.

I only wish there were more people on my team, so I would have a reason to make more than one pair! They were surprisingly easy (and they dress up my DIY earring holder very nicely), even with a hand that still refuses to grasp things or twist.

Regardless, I’m pretty excited about attempting walking 5K tomorrow and being a part of something so much bigger than I am. I’m glad the Professor will be there with me; I wish they would have let dogs go, too! We got Otis an adorable knit sweater, and he would have looked positively festive with his red sweater and green leash.

It’s got my really revved up for the Walk to Cure Psoriasis in April, which I will also be doing for the first time next year. It’s kind of funny; when I posted my first 30 things about my chronic illness during Invisible Illness Week, I never expected it would prompt me to become so much more involved with other spoonies: becoming a National Psoriasis Foundation mentor, blogging more openly about my illness, participating in this 5K and even getting interviewed for articles (which was weird for me, since I’m usually the one asking the questions, but that’s another post entirely). Just one little post brought so much change. I guess it’s really hit home what Gandhi said: We must become the change we want to see.

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