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It’s kind of funny that my last post was all about heels and my enduring love for them, because today I spent the entire day in a pair of pointed-toe pumps.


But let me start at the beginning (and explain what makes this unbelievable occurrence even more extraordinary).

Saturday and Sunday, I worked my final two shifts at the large retail establishment at which I had worked for about three years; I worked eight hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday. It was kind of insane and illustrated just how far I’ve come since that first (again) shot of Enbrel a few weeks ago; the four or five hour shifts I worked around Black Friday left me exhausted and unable to move for the rest of the weekend.

Not this time.

After my shifts this weekend, I felt a bit sore, but nothing outrageous: My feet hurt a bit and my legs, but nothing more.

Today, I had an interview for a promotion within my company; to me, professional attire (and especially interview attire) will always mean heels. So, this morning, instead of looking sadly at my pumps before putting on a pair of flats, I put on my long pants, a silk top and a blazer (the tan one, not the black one; my psoriasis is acting up) and broke out a favored pair of more conservative pumps. Though I know they really had nothing to do with it, I’d like to think my heels—and the increased confidence they gave me—helped me nail the interview and get the promotion.

More likely, it was my hard work throughout the year and, if I’m honest, how much better I’ve been feeling lately. I would not have been able to drive for two hours, sit through a 30-minute interview, drive for another two hours and hang out at my office for six hours before driving 30 minutes home. No. Just a few short weeks ago, just getting up and going to work would have taken away so many spoons, I wouldn’t have many left over for much of anything.

Regardless, it was nice for my efforts to be lauded, nice to be able to wear heels again and so very nice to feel well enough to be up to both of those things.


8 thoughts on “i’m here standing

  1. What great news! And don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of shoes. Your confidence level was high and that’s why you aced the interview! Keep those shoes, baby, you might need them again someday 🙂 I’ve tossed all my shoes in recent years and replaced them with the comfy kind. BUT….. I still have my secret stash of fancy shoes that make me feel confident enough to do just about anything!

    • I love the power of a fierce pair of heels. I had contemplated getting rid of mine, but I couldn’t part with them. And now I’m glad I didn’t! Good for you; I love a secret stash of heels. 😀

  2. Congratulations, both on the Enbrel working so well and on the promotion! I could barely drive for two hours *before* I got sick, so a big kudos to you for all that driving as well- will the new position require less standing?

    • Ugh, the driving was no fun, but luckily, I won’t be going up there everyday. I’ll be working at the same place. Well, I’ll be an editor instead of a reporter, so I imagine there will be less standing, as I’ll be stuck in the office a bit more. So, hooray promotion and Enbrel! 😀

  3. Wooo hooo!!! Congrats on the feeling better, which is a big accomplishment in and of itself. in my opinion. And super congrats on the promotion! Glad to hear that things are going well for you!!

    • Thanks, girl! I have to admit, I am pretty thrilled about both feeling better and the promotion—though the promotion was a surprise! (A good one, for once.)

  4. BIG congratulations on both the promotion AND being able to wear those pumps, Nessie. I have to admit that even when I dressed up all professional-like in a suit, I had to wear flats. I’ve not been able to handle heels of any kind for more than 20 years. So believe me, I admire your chutzpah and your bravery, and I’m so glad that the Enbrel is helping so much. May it continue to do that, too, for a good, long time. You go, grrrl!

    • Thanks, Wren! I love wearing heels, and I was so excited to wear them all day—and not pay for it the next. Happy holidays!

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