#HAWMC day four: panacea

Guys, I have some great news: To cure autoimmune arthritis, all we have to do is eat all natural, organic foods and poof! All better. I know, right? Such a relief.


It seems everyone has a favourite “cure” for autoimmune disease, but one of my personal faves is healthy eating. (Yes, this is coming from someone who has had limited success with a vegetarian diet and who is considering going gluten free.) But it’s the extremes to which this can be taken—literally, as if eating raw carrots at every meal will suddenly make me all better—that makes it so bizarre.

My favourite cure-all for psoriasis has definitely been dunking the afflicted area in apple cider vinegar. Because, you know, that’s sounds completely sanitary.

Then there’s the one that says Tylenol will make me all better. (And don’t even get me started on those arthritis caps! I hate those dang things.)

Though it’s good to laugh at all the ridiculous suggestions we get for psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis/whatever cures—and I know I’ve heard some doozies, like literally that love would cure me; as great as love is, I don’t think it can do that—it just goes to show how important health advocacy is, even if it doesn’t feel like that’s what we’re doing. Even if it feels like we’re just blogging into a void, eventually our voices will all join together and make a chorus too loud to ignore.

And then we can go around telling healthy people how to live. Yeah, that’ll be the day.


4 thoughts on “#HAWMC day four: panacea

  1. Hear, hear! I second Nora!
    And man, Nessie, do I hear you regarding the simple “cures”. I try to tell myself, when faced with someone telling me I should try positive thinking, that it will make all the difference, that this idiot is actually concerned about me and at least means well. Then I make appreciative noises, promise I’ll try a daily pep-talk and, with luck, move on. It does sometimes get annoying, though, and I smiled at your tongue-in-cheek post.

    Here’s hoping you’ll be feeling better soon. Say, have you heard? If you rub some Yak Oil into the joint you’ll relieve the stiffness and pain justlikethat. Why in the world haven’t you tried it yet, you lazy grrrl???


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