#HAWMC day 20: a room with a view

My blogging is normally done while I’m stretched out on my brown coach, Otis (the pup) curled up beside me. Sometimes, Remy (the kitten) hunkers down on my chest, leaving me unable to see the monitor or the keyboard. (Hi, typos!)

In a perfect world, I would have my own office—a space for me to decorate to my own tastes. There would be a wall filled with frames of pictures, prints and other things I love. There would be shelves filled with books, lots of colour and fresh flowers. I’d have a little iPod stereo, so I could play my music. Years of working in newsrooms makes it hard for me to write when it’s completely quiet. I like having things going on around me.

Back in the real world, I’m sitting in my living room, this week’s edition of my newspaper on the coffee table. Normally the Professor is either watching some James Bond or playing Modern Warfare while I write, which is at least some background noise. Our drying rack is set up with some laundry underneath our breakfast bar. I can see most of the apartment from here—including how much I really ought to be tidying up instead of writing. It’s distracting.

I think if I can’t have my own space, a coffee shop would be the next best place for me to work; there’s plenty of noise, plenty of coffee and it’s where I used to study when I was in university. I think having a dedicate space for my work—including blogging but also crafting and copy I bring home from the paper—would be really helpful. It would be a place I could go to be creative and a place that was mine.

Still, I do like that I’ve got Remy and Otis nearby, even if Remy has decided to lay across my hands, making it extra fun to type. I think she’s trying to give me a hint.


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