i’m loving … chocolate covered katie

As you know, I’ve been doing the vegetarian thing for awhile now. Lately, though, I’ve been feeling as though I should go the extra mile and banish all animal products from my diet, including eggs (no big loss there) and dairy (nooooooo!). The thing is, I love cheese. And (milk) chocolate. And cheese. Did I say cheese?


The other day, I found a pretty darn good non-dairy mozzarella cheese substitute to put on my whole wheat flatbread pizzas (which I call pita pizzas because it’s just catchier). So, the cheese objection crossed off my list, I moved on to the chocolate conundrum.

via Chocolate Covered Katie

And then I found Katie.

Everything she makes looks amazing—and it’s all vegan. She’s even got sugar-free, gluten-free and even raw variations.

But the proof is in the pudding—or in my case, in the blondies (that’s them in the picture; mine didn’t turn out that pretty looking, but they sure taste good!). I’d had some problems making conventional (from-a-box) desserts and subbing in egg replacer and soy milk instead of eggs and cow milk, so I was ready to tackle making some desserts from scratch. And, honestly? These were easier to make than Betty Crocker’s brownies. Including the prep work and bake time, it took me maybe 50 minutes to make these—and I had them in the oven for 38 minutes.

Oh, and the taste? Out of this world. I made them last night, and I’ve already eaten half the pan.

But the best part (beside the taste and the vegan thing) is they’re healthy. Everything on Katie’s site is. And that means dessert doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure anymore; it can just be something to enjoy. Awesome.

Next up? I’m going to try the cake batter shake.


8 thoughts on “i’m loving … chocolate covered katie

    • 🙂 I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. Plus, I was so thrilled when I bit into those blondies that I had to share!


    Was the cheese you tried Daiya? I’m obsessed with it. And my ‘cheese’ options are EXTREMELY limited because I’m off dairy + soy.

    And a heads up that So Delicious makes wicked good coffee creamer and yogurt with coconut milk.

    • It is Daiya! It’s yummy. And I LOVE the So Delicious stuff! Their ice cream and yoghurt is really good, too.

  2. A few days ago, my mom suggested that maybe I don’t have IBS, that maybe I’m lactose intolerant instead. I was horrified at the thought. I kind of still am. (Ice cream is to me what cheese is to you. And actually, I love cheese, too. A lot.) But at least now I know where to get good recipes. And hell, cake batter shake?! I’m going to have to try that, anyway!

    • Oh, I love ice cream, too, but I’ve found a great sub for that in the So Delicious products. I have the fake ice cream sandwiches in the freezer at work! But now that I’ve found the cheese sub I’m all set.

      Oh, I made the cake batter shake this morning and it is awesome. So delish.

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