blue bird

I must be insane.

This is one of the busiest times of the year for me, professionally. My newspaper is small enough that we run the pictures of all the graduates in a keepsake edition, and that means hounding the school district PIO for the pictures, editing them (greyscale, curves, resize, save as!) in Photoshop, matching the student ID number (which is how the pictures are named) with the master list and renaming the files alphabetically, double checking the names, putting mug shot boxes on the pages, filling them with pictures, resizing the pictures again, putting the names under the pictures, double checking the names again….

Plus, you know, we still have all the regular, small-town stuff to cover, which is a lot since the weather is finally turning nice.

So, what do the Professor and I decide to do? Paint our apartment, of course!


It’s going to look awesome when it’s done, but it’s definitely exhausting me. Painting is hard work on the joints! And, since we’ve been doing it after I get home from work, it makes for some long days. But, I have tomorrow off for Memorial Day, so we’ll do some more then—after I sleep in some. I can feel it in my bones; if I don’t start taking better care of me, I’ll be paying for it.

(Also, for those wondering how the cake batter shake turned out, it. was. awesome.)

2 thoughts on “blue bird

  1. This post gave me nightmare flashbacks, Nessie. Oh, yes, I do remember the grads issue. Hounding the school for the photos (yes, I’m old enough to recall having to scan each individual mugshot, one by one, and then photo-edit) or the disk containing the photo files. The hundreds of nameless mugshots. The matching of image to name (and the Good Lord help the editor who misnamed a photo). Keying each name into the system and then checking the spelling–and then checking it again (Ditto that Good Lord thing if you misspelled a name). Wow! And you decide to paint your apartment on top of this chaos. You are brave, so very brave.

    I wish you the best of the best of luck with your keepsake edition–may it go to bed gently. And I wish the same for you. Work a bit of rest into that schedule if you can. I’m sending all the calm and comfort I can your way.

    • Thanks, Wren! My end of it is just about done; we’ve just got to proof it. Same with the apartment–just touchups now. I’ve got a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can (kind of) rest then! I hope things are going well for you and your mum, too.

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