guest post: time to fit in

Alyssa Jacobs, an internet writer who enjoys many topics like health, politics, lifestyle, fitness and skin care, works with to give the best reviews of various acne products. She asked to write a guest post, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. Take it away, Alyssa!

Time to Fit In

The social world of today is a strange, scary environment. Fitting in isn’t always the easiest thing to do nowadays. The social butterfly has to be sure to fit in with the business world, friends, family, and now even social networks. What is an individual to do? Are we supposed to have a different social structure for every relationship? Are we to make fitting in different with everyone? The answer is no, fitting in with everyone is not the solution. You have to learn to fit in with yourself.

Fitting in with yourself is something completely different from fitting in with others. However, in a way they are mutually beneficial. When you can find your own niche and be comfortable in your own skin, people take notice of that. A new-found confidence will exude from you and that can help you to know your audience, and still be yourself, as opposed to wretched attempts to fit in with everyone.  It is very important to keep your foundation of moral and personal standards. Being a people-pleaser is, in itself, is not very pleasing to yourself.

It isn’t easy to fit in with yourself. Everyone has unique unique characteristics that define who we are. The important thing to note, is that you may spend many years finding out who you are, in all areas of your personality. The one thing that is important during this time is not to change for people or define yourself by others. Relationships with others are supposed to be mutually beneficial. That doesn’t mean they always are going to be pleasant. For example, you may not have the most pleasant relationship with a boss, but the benefits are a career, networks, and references. If you chose stray away from your moral barriers to make things simply more pleasant, then your mutually beneficial relationship is no longer present. The benefits you have to offer as an employee is to make the company more money, not to be everyone’s best friend.

Still others might think they have greater issues fitting in. As a young adult, or teenager, we are in the most socially awkward stage in our life. All of the sudden you are growing into a new body, you might go on your first date, and for the first time you might have to deal with acne. Usually at this time, all someone is looking to do is fit in. Look at it this way, if you can find an identity, people who are unsure of themselves might just want to fit in with you. This approach makes for a much better situation. If you can be happy with yourself, you won’t look for others to fill that void, and therefore will be a better person for it.

For all of us, fitting in can be a scary process. There is nothing wrong with hearing advice and trying to better yourself, as long as you are not compromising your beliefs. My advice for fitting in is to first try fitting in with yourself. You will be happier, able to express yourself, your confidence will grow, and people will take notice. So go ahead and try it; be a little selfish, and start doing things for you.