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So, apparently Kim Kardashian has psoriasis. I’m not so sure I like the tone of this L.A. Times blog post, but at least the writer mentions it is an autoimmune disease (though the off-hand mention of methotrexate as a treatment for it leads me to believe someone didn’t quite do his homework, despite the mention of the National Psoriasis Foundation’s website). But, I digress.

I was lurking on some of my psoriasis boards, and I came across something interesting—and it was the same on pretty much every forum I visited: People universally wanted Kardashian to step up and use her notoriety to gain some recognition and awareness for the disease (as if showing the entire world [that watches “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” at least] the moment of her diagnosis wasn’t enough). I was pretty surprised at my reaction.

I completely disagreed with them.

I know, right? Isn’t that exactly what I’m trying to do with my little blog? Sure, it is. And it would be awesome if she decided to become a spokeswoman for the NPF. I would be right behind her. But I’ve had psoriasis for more than a decade, and it took most of that time for me to accept it, to be willing to talk about it with others. How can I expect someone else—regardless of where she falls on the obscurity-fame continuum—to be I bigger person than me? To be braver than me? Hell, I still blog under a pseudonym, and she let perfect strangers into her doctor’s office with her, let them watch her reaction to finding out she has a lifelong autoimmune disease.

Honestly, I think even if she didn’t lift a finger to raise any more awareness about psoriasis, I’d say she’s done quite a bit. After all, we’re all talking about it, right? And so are quite a few people. Searching Google for “Kim Kardashian psoriasis” brings up about 554,000 results. Yowza. So, right on, Kim.

4 thoughts on “keeping up

  1. I agree with you 100%. Although it would be awesome for her to speak more about it I feel that people are taking offense to the ways in which she reacted when she found out what it was. I sure know most of us didn’t react in a positive way when we were diagnosed and were very worried about our appearance and what others might think of us… Which is exacty what Kim did.

    Let’s give thanks for the publicity she gave and making the public become slightly more aware and make sure to inform the newspapers and blogs when they are making the mistake to say that psoriasis is “just a rash” and tell them it is much more than that.

  2. I completely agree. She’s already done a lot by being open about the diagnosis, and I think we all have the right to deal with illness in our own way. Some of us may want to be very public about it, but we need to respect each other’s right to privacy, too.

  3. Hey! Thanks for posting this. I completely agree! I couldn’t imagine having a camera crew in the doctor’s office when I was diagnosed with PsA. Everyone is different and I respect her immensely for sharing her story the way she did. My best to you!

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