a victory—with pockets

I ordered myself a sewing machine (a Brother CS-6000i) as an early birthday present. It came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I love it. My first project—what else? A tablecloth for my (teensy) sewing table—was a bit of a disaster, with terrifically crooked seams. I did, however, learn some lessons that I applied to my next project: a skirt tutorial found on Pinterest.

It took me all last weekend. I ripped apart many a seam until they were all straight as arrows. Still, it’s not perfect, but I absolutely adore it. It even has pockets, people! (Pockets are crucial in my line of work.) And, better yet, it has an elastic waist but doesn’t look frumpy. Since my hands have been giving me trouble lately, a cute skirt with no buttons or zippers to fumble with is just what the doctor ordered.

Plus, I love that I have a hobby that I can do even when I’m not feeling great. With jewelry making, it my hands are sore and thick, it’s hard to manipulate tiny beads and thin wire. But, I can push a yard of fabric under the needle even with club hands. So, hooray!

3 thoughts on “a victory—with pockets

  1. Ooh- thanks for linking to the pattern! I need to wipe down my sewing machine and give it a whirl, too. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. That’s just terrific, Nessie! It’s great to have a hobby that you can do in spite of sore hands and fingers and lets you make useful and beautiful things. Like skirts. With pockets. Boy, do I know what you mean about those. Journalism isn’t all sitting around talking to people. Often it involves long tramps to the site of the event you’re covering, or actually trotting along with your interviewee while he or she is trying to avoid answering questions. Having pockets in which to stow things makes the job so much easier!

    And if you can make your own skirt in one color you like, maybe you can make several more in other colors for other irksome PsA workdays. I’m just so pleased for you!

    Sending warmth and hugs your way. And… Happy Birthday!

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