I just about an hour, I will officially be 27.

Somehow, 27 seems much, much older than did 26—it’s that much closer to 30 (which, thanks to Lindsay, I am totally looking forward to!)—but it’s not really.

It’s been a bit of a crazy year: I went from doing well to a crazy flare and back again; I went from hating my job and actively looking for something else to getting promoted and turning down other opportunities; the mister and I celebrated three years of marriage; and I’m coming up on about 13 or so years with psoriasis and 7 years with psoriatic arthritis.

Today, though, I’m not thinking about any of that. I’m just enjoying time with the mister and my in-laws, getting a mani-pedi and some Starbucks (my relaxation fix of choice) and being grateful that I’m alive and in relatively good health.

10 thoughts on “27

  1. Happy Birthday! How lucky you are to be happily married and employed. 27 is still young, you lucky thing. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day for you! May this year be incredibly blessed for you and yours. I’m grateful for you–my fellow psoriatic arthritis sister– and your fabulous blog. I think this calls for a little Mod Cloth shopping!!!

  3. 27 felt like a big birthday for me, too. It’s officially your “late twenties”!

    Happy birthday – I hope it’s a great one, with lots of cake!

  4. happy belated! i thought of you today, because i know your birthday’s close to harry potter’s and i’m a nerd that way. glad i can still keep up with you via blog.

    you’re amazing! i’m so glad we know each other!

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