new biologic side effects warning


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I got this new warning about anti-TNF drugs in my inbox not too long ago and thought I’d pass it along:

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is warning that people who take tumor necrosis factor-alpha blockers, also known as anti-TNFs or TNF-blockers, may be at risk of infection from the bacteria Legionella and Listeria.”

For the rest, click here.

For the record, I take a biologic: Enbrel, currently. I’ve been on several others (Humira, Orencia, Remicade). Will this stop me from taking it or any other sin the future? No, probably not. But I’ll certainly be careful—as I already am, as much as I can be—in exposing myself to sick people.

2 thoughts on “new biologic side effects warning

  1. We need to be aware of our bodies and if we are not feeling well, get to a doctor to figure out why. Problem is…we with chronic illnesses tend to brush off every single problem to the chronic illness itself. This tends to be the biggest reason why we chronically ill patients become so sick…we wait and wait and wait. And for the few who did go to a doctor and were turned away (telling them nothing is wrong when something was wrong), get yourself to a different doctor ASAP and tell them you think you have an infection going on and that you are on a tnf.

  2. Isn’t having a compromised immune system grand? If it’s not one thing, it’s another!! And Deb is totally right – when something goes weird I tend to either (1) ignore it as a normal part of my chronic illness or (2) call the doctor where the nurse treats me a little bit like a crazy hypochondriac. Worst. ~;o( In any event, thanks for passing this along. I am on Enbrel but had not heard of this – so I will post it to my blog too to help spread the word.

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