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I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions. I get the appeal, but it’s never been something that’s really worked for me. Still, this year, I decided to give it a go and wrote a 12 in 2012 list.

What’s on it? Why, I’m glad you asked.

  1. Be vegan. I’m committing to really making the switch this year, to being 100 percent vegan. Of course, it helps that I just found an awesome vegan macaroni and cheese recipe (that I’ll definitely be posting!).
  2. Be healthier. Eat better, sleep more, get exercise and be compliant on medication and treatment. I need to be better at this to control what I can about my health.
  3. Be more involved at church. I already teach Sunday school, but I’m going to join the choir as well and start going to the young adult meetings, too.
  4. Sew something every month. Put that Pinterest inspiration folder to use! This month, I’ll try to tackle the skirt that’s been fighting me.
  5. Read more. The mister got me a subscription to “The Economist,” so I want to read that every week plus at least one book per month.
  6. Date the mister. Got on one real date per month. This will get interesting, since we’re poor (see: I’m a journalist; he’s a student), but we’ll make it work.
  7. Battle blogger burnout. Find a blogging schedule that works well for me and stick to it.
  8. Write a 30 by 30 list and start checking things off.
  9. Speak more French.
  10. Keep my space clean and organized—at work and at home. This is a biggie, and it’s something I’ll usually let slide. But I feel better and am more production when my area is tidy, so I want to make this a priority.
  11. Get creative with my closet and my style instead of constantly buying more stuff or falling into a rut. To that end, I’ve started a little Tumblr and am going to take pictures of myself, style blogger styles. I think seeing how awesome my wardrobe is will help.
  12. Be present.

What resolutions did you make—if any?

4 thoughts on “resolute

  1. These are great resolutions! I especially like the “get creative with my closet” resolution – I need to do that, too. Sometimes I’ll buy something and then get home and realize that it’s exactly the same as every other article of clothing I own. I’d like to try and be a little less predictable.

  2. I like your resolutions — especially #4 and #11. My grandmother found a super old sewing machine — it only sews straight! — while we were cleaning out a closet and she gave it to me. I’ve been pinning things on Pinterest and planning projects for months, so now it’s time to walk my talk. If the budget allows this week, I’m taking a trip to Joanne’s (and dragging Mike’s mom with me, who still sews and is my go-to person on this little adventure).

    I’ve been playing with clothing a lot lately, and am having a lot of fun discovering my style and expressing myself. I just got some cute skirts at Charlotte Russe today (only because I had a couple of gift cards), and cannot wait to use them in different outfits (I’ve already discovered three ways to wear them). I like your idea of starting a separate space to post pictures of outfits. I post pictures on my blog sometimes but I’m not sure if I’m just annoying my readers or people are actually enjoying them (though I do still get hits for “how to wear red skinny jeans,” hahaha). Ah, I love fashion!

    I want to teach myself to make clothing, so that, like you said, I don’t spend so much money on clothes. (I don’t usually, because hi, I’m poor, but the temptation is always there.) I think it’ll be fun to merge two of my loves. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a Tumblr just for DIY fashion projects. 😉

    • Dude, you should totally start a Tumblr! I’m having tons of fun with mine, and it’s definitely forcing me to be more creative with how I dress.

      Also, sewing is fun. And frustrating. But mostly fun.

      • I used to have one, actually, but deleted it to cut down on distractions. Now I have Pinterest and that’s distraction enough, hahaha. We’ll see.

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