double edged sword

Methotrexate Teva 100mg_ml 1x50ml

Methotrexate Teva 100mg_ml 1x50ml (Photo credit: Haukeland universitetssjukehus)

Taking a forced vacation from methotrexate due to a drug shortage led me to some interesting discoveries. The first few weeks off the drug, I felt great. Amazing, even. I was less tired; I had more energy; I got fewer headaches. But that didn’t last.

Enter phase two: what I like to call the “remembering why I was on MTX in the first place” phase. I hurt more, so I was exhausted all the time and short-tempered. My psoriasis came back on my scalp. My PsA was definitely much less well controlled—which is funny, because I didn’t think it was doing all that well even on the MTX.

But my awesome NP found a pharmacy that had a supply of the stuff coming in, so she sent in a scrip for me. It has the preservative, which is different but not bad. I took it for the first time in a long time last night, and I feel downright horrible today: nauseated, delightful headache, hot flashes—the whole nine yards. I don’t know if it’s a reaction to the preservative or just to getting back on my favourite highly toxic drug, but there it is. (And it’s not from mixing alcohol and MTX; I was DD for yesterday’s Super Bowl festivities, so I didn’t touch even a drop.)

When I first found out about the drug shortage, it seemed a little like Providence: Maybe this was a sign that I could get off one of the three main drugs I’m taking (which are MTX, Plaquenil and Enbrel) and still be OK. Maybe I can reduce my drug load a bit and still feel the same as I do on them. That turned out not to be the case. And while that definitely bums me out some, I’m glad that I can feel something close to normal even if it takes two injections and 42 pills per week to get there.

8 thoughts on “double edged sword

  1. These drug shortages terrify me- I’m glad you were able to get more. I’m currently on hiatus as well and two of the same three (my exception is Enbrel). Like you, I don’t miss the side-effects, by my RA symptoms are slowly getting worse (and sometimes not-so-slowly)… I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Good luck readjusting! *hugs*

  2. Was the shortage just for the injection form of MTX? I’m on the oral form and this is the first I’ve heard about shortages…

    That whole cycle of re-adjusting sucks though. I hope you get through the worst of it soon. *hugs*

    • Yeah, the shortage is just for the injection form. It’s a pain now to have to go to three pharmacies to get all my drugs. Boo.

      I learned coffee and chocolate are not my friends as I readjust. Blech.

  3. You know what? I had a similar experience when I went off MTX before getting pregnant. At first I was like “this is awesome!” and then I realized that there really was a reason that I had been on MTX in the first place. Though I felt shitty, it was sort of nice to realize that the MTX was actually doing something beneficial. I think I will be much more grateful to go back to it after the baby knowing that it is actually helping. I really hope things are looking up for you and that you are feeling better soon!!

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