About, redux

So. That other “About” page doesn’t really tell that much about me or about why I’m blogging. Still, it’s a link to a former blog, and in a way, a former self; the self that was too self-conscious and still too isolated to blog about my chronic illness. It’s a good reminder of where I used to be; hence. why it’s still up.

But, a little more about me now. I am a twenty-something reporter/copy editor/photographer/jill-of-all-journo trades living with (and sometimes dealing with) psoriatic arthritis, often referred to as PSA. At least by me, anyway. I’ve been working in the business for about 5 years and living with the symptoms of PSA for at least that long. (Coincidence? Hmph.)

I am married, with two furbabies — and don’t ask me if/when I’ll be having kid. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

I hope you enjoy what you read here, but I won’t be offended if you don’t. Being a journo has thickened my skin.

4 thoughts on “About, redux

  1. I’m glad to have found you. My search for PsA bloggers certainly didn’t bring the hits that RA did. I’ve stopped by before after my diagnosis was switched from RA to PsA and enjoyed many of your posts. And you are a fashionista too! A girl after my own heart. I almost didn’t make it back to your blog after clicking on your Mod Cloth link. Love! You’ve introduced me to a fabulous site. I’m an anthro lover always in search of similar wares. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Girl, tell me about it! The RA bloggers are everywhere; not so much for those of us with PsA. And oh, man: I have wasted many an hour on Modcloth’s site. I love it! Their customer service is really good, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Nessie,

    It is great to find your site. As you say it is really hard to find other PsA bloggers. What treatment are you on now? Did I read somewhere that you are on some kind of anti-malaria drug or was I hallucinating?

    I’m currently on Remicade and it is doing wonders for me. Keeps my PsA away and most of my psoriasis too. The cost brings tears to my eyes though. Before I went onto TNF inhibitors there was one really bad week when they put me on prednisone. Wow. It was incredible – like going to sleep in agony one day and waking up pain free the next. Had a terrible rebound though when I stopped the steriods. That drug has a wonderful smile and a terrible bite :). Anyway, great to find you.

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