blog, interrupted

Hi. You guys remember me, right? I blog (apparently, sometimes).

Though I have been pretty busy—painting the kitchen, ramping up for our back-to-school edition, pleading with people to send us sports stuff since we are a tiny newspaper—the real reason I’ve been neglecting my poor blog (and reading the blogs of others) has not a lot to do with any of those.

It has to do with this:

I know, right? I, Nessie—a 27-year-old editor of a newspaper—got sucked into a video game with an intensity I have no experienced since playing Final Fantasy X on the PlayStation 2 back when I was a senior in high school (10 years ago). I felt super nostalgic (and craved white bread, yellow mustard and salami sandwiches washed down with Cokes—my high school video game meal of choice, which, of course, now with my dietary restrictions I could probably only eat the mustard.)

But, I’m back (I hope). And if you’ve commented, emailed or tweeted me, I’ll get back to you soon, I swear!

busy bee

Sorry for the lack of posts; I’ve been so busy lately, I hardly have time to breathe. This time of year is jam-packed with events and activities, as the spring and summer festival season ramps up and the schools get ready to close for the summer. As the editor of a small, weekly newspaper, that means big papers and little-to-no free time.

Hopefully, I’ll have time for a longer post soon! I’ve got a lot to talk about.