strange things are happening

This opinion piece by Frank Rich in The New York Times is spot on. Conservative reaction to the  health care overhaul has been rabid, excessive and, quite frankly, terrifying. Spitting on a black Congressman? Bricks through windows? Death threats? I defy anyone to explain to me how that is a rational response.

Though I support the legislation passed by Congress, it’s more because it’s better than nothing than because I think it’s some miraculous panacea that will suddenly make everything better for everyone — or even just for me. Sure, when the full force of the legislation kicks in, I’ll no longer have to fear losing my job — and more importantly, my insurance — or being denied coverage because I have a pre-existing condition.

But riddle me this: In a few months, when the co-pay support program I’m in stops paying all but $10 of the $200 plus co-pay for some medication I’m on, how will this bill help me then? In all likelihood, I’ll have to go off the only thing that’s really had any effect in managing my PSA, simply because I can’t afford to pay $200 per month for one drug. I just can’t.

So, those of you out there who espouse Sarah Palin’s or Karl Rove’s or John Boehner’s opinion that this legislation is the most horrible thing to ever hit our country, I say, that’s your right to disagree. It really is. But God help you if that’s the only way you can see it. The only way I can see anyone disagreeing with this is if they are lucky enough to be healthy and/or wealthy enough that health doesn’t matter. I’m neither. And I need help.

This health care bill isn’t great, as Dennis Kucinich said; but damn it, it’s better than nothing. So, naysayers, especially those of you in power: Do something productive, join the discussion or go home. Because, really, at some point, your mothers should have taught you the simple kindergarten rule: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


j.d. and turk talk healthcare

Two stars from one of my favourite shows — Scrubs — talk about why America needs healthcare reform.  Enjoy. (I especially like the part about the nipples.)