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30 for 30 5 days, 6 outfits

Image by karenthings via Flickr

Some of you may have noticed the new tab at the top of my header. (If not, no worries.) I’ve decided to embark on Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge: 30 items of clothing (including shoes, excluding all other accessories) and no shopping. I’m on day two, and so far, I’m hanging in there. I’ve been sick with some kind of cold/flu/sore throat demon the last couple of days, and it was actually kind of nice to just have a few pieces from which to pick. It’s certainly made getting dressed so much easier.

But, I just thought I’d give those of you interested in what I wear every day a head’s up.

In other news, this sore throat has lead me to try to talk as little as possible; in fact, I’ve taken to whispering whenever I do have to talk, since it doesn’t seem to aggravate my throat as much. And it’s kind of funny, but a throat that feels raw—as though someone rubbed it with rough sandpaper—makes me consider all my words, think about whether I really want to say what I’m about to say. It’s something I have a tendency to not do, usually; I tend to speak without thinking, a very bad habit.

Who knows; maybe this sore throat is a good thing, eh? The beginning of a new era. But, honestly? I would settle for thinking before I speak just some of the time.