jingle all the way

So, I was inspired by Mariah’s decision to participate in the 2010 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for the Arthritis Foundation. While I may not be the fundraising juggernaut she is, I figured why not throw my hat into the ring, try to raise some money for a great cause and try to walk 5K—which, with how I’ve been feeling lately, will be a feat of itself.

I’ve started my goals pretty modestly—$200 and five people on my team. Well, there’s already me and the Professor, so I’ll at least have someone on my side as I’m walking (limping?) down the road. I’m going to try to get my in-laws and my parents involved, too, and that would bring me up to more than five if they’re all on board.

I know there aren’t walks in every city, but if there’s one near you, get involved! Or feel free to donate some cash to my team. It doesn’t have to be much; really anything at all would be appreciated so very much.

Participating in this run/walk is a big step for me, one that started with this blog. I can’t be the advocate I want to be if I’m hiding the fact that I do have autoimmune diseases and they’re not going anywhere unless people stand up and start making a lot of noise. We all deserve a cure. And I, for one, will not longer leave the work of advocating for that to someone else, someone who is a little more comfortable than I am being out in the open about my psoriasis and about my psoriatic arthritis. Because, really, we and I have nothing to be ashamed of; we didn’t do anything to deserve our illnesses and me hiding behind a facade of healthiness won’t do much to change people’s ideas of what arthritis looks like. Yeah, it’s definitely scary to put myself out there like this, but I think it’s something I have to do.

Here goes.