lest we forget

When I was a kid, every Remembrance Day, our principal would come over the loudspeaker and recite “In Flanders Fields.” When we got a bit older, we all memorised it, too. I still know most of that poem, and it still gets me every time.

My grandfather fought in World War II, in the Royal Canadian Navy. The only story he has ever told me about it is that he was seasick every single day of his year-long tour. I can’t even imagine that, though I’m sure that wasn’t the worst of it.

I met some American veterans yesterday through work; they were veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam. And they were so touched that someone cared enough to thank them for what they had done.

It made me feel as though we should take the time every day to thank them for their sacrifices: their time, their families and even their lives.

So thank you, veterans of wars past, present and future. Lest we forget.