an attitude of gratitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (and in October, as it should be), it’s a good time to think about things for which we are thankful. Granted, there’s never really a bad time to count your blessings, but it’s easier to do in some areas of my life versus others. I’m thankful for my husband, my pets Remy and Otis, used book shops, thrift stores, the flea market, vintage-inspired cabinet pulls, fun jewelry, my husband, semi-colons, sweater weather, good friends, apple cider, flowers, second-graders, my husband, good perfume, frozen yogurt, caramel anything and anything by Kurt Vonnegut.

But finding the blessings in chronic illness—without sounding insufferably dull or unbearably sanctimonious—now that is a challenge.  Where is the upside of feeling like crap everyday? Well, when put like that, there may not be one. But I am a firm believer of finding the silver lining in every cloud. So, while I would have loved to be able to learn these lessons some other way than having psoriatic arthritis, that is my lot in life and so I will play the hand I’ve been dealt. That is something for which I am grateful: the ability to find the good in an otherwise bad situation. I have learned to practice patience, to cut myself and others some slack, to live at a slower pace. I have found an amazing outlet in blogging and connecting with others through the internet and through mentoring those with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

There is much in my life to be grateful for, and I’m glad to take the time to examine that, to see all that I have been blessed with and to give thanks.